Transit and Development

A demographic shift appears to be occurring in which the younger generation is less enamored with the “car culture” of their parents, and is choosing with greater and greater frequency to live car free. In addition, many older “empty nesters” are returning from the suburbs to the city center, desiring a more immerse environment in which to retire. Both of these trends are evident by simply gazing at the Boston city skyline: it is littered with cranes. However, there is only one project currently in the works to extend the rapid transit network, and it has been cut back from its original length; more must be done if this trend is to continue. I believe that just as the previous two generations built out a world class interstate highway network, it will be the next two generations legacy to compliment that with rail, both regional and rapid transit.

That being said, here is my vision for the MBTA at the latter half of this century:

Be sure to click for full resolution. Beware, its large.

Almost all of my proposed extensions use existing abandoned or underused railroad right of ways. I plan a whole series explaining each extensions and it’s logistics. For now, consider this map and its google maps counterpart a teaser.


2 thoughts on “Transit and Development”

  1. This is a very impressive, visionary proposal. One thing I’d like see you add is a direct transit connection from the center of the city to the West Fenway and the Longwood Medical Area. Both are increasingly dense and significant, and they’re very poorly served by pubic transit.

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